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Home Insulation Contractors Incorporated began business in 1969, with the goal of customers being #1. No job is too small or too large for us. Home Insulation Contractors provides and installs insulation for homeowners and commercial contractors. We supply our customers with products manufactured by John Mansville, Optima and Foamular. Don't hesitate, call our top team at (541) 926-7831 for a quote and start saving money today!
If you in search of a reliable insulation contractor, then look no further than Home Insulation Contractors, Inc. Our family owned company has been in the area since 1969. We look forward to earning both your business and your confidence, by providing first rate insulation products and the great service you’ve been looking for.
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In over 40 years we’ve learned a lot about treating the customer right. We offer speedy, efficient work, regardless of the size of the job. You can rest assured that we’ll never cut corners on quality.
Home Insulation Contractors Inc. offer a variety of products from BIBS (Blown in Blanket System), Closed Cell Spray foam, Rigid Foam Board, fiberglass bat insulation, Sheep Wool Insulation from Oregon Shepard, Bonded Logic Blue Jean Insulation, insulation removal services, attic insulation, crawl space insulation, heat ducts insulation, vapor barriers, water pipe insulation and much more. Please call us today to see what works best for your particular project.
Whether you’re building a new home, have a commercial project, or considering adding new insulation to an existing structure, the crew at Home Insulation Contractors Inc. are standing by to talk to you. Call our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your project with one of our insulation experts.

Why is insulation so important?

Ensuring that your home is insulated properly, can not only save you money on heating and air conditioning costs, it can make your home more comfortable by absorbing unwanted noises. Our qualified staff here at Home Insulation Contractors are here to help you determine what kind of insulation you need. An uninsulated home or improperly insulated home, can waste precious energy in both heating and cooling of your home by allowing heat transfer. And, with energy costs as high as they are, this could cost you hundreds of dollars a year and put unnecessary strain on your heater or air conditioner.
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Properly insulating your home with the right types of insulation can both save money, and reduce strain on your heating and cooling systems. Due to its sound absorption qualities, insulation actually reduces unwanted ambient noises generated by appliances, conversations, audio equipment, or other causes of noise pollution and prevents sound from being transmitted through the walls or floors of your home. Not only this, but properly insulating your home will keep it more comfortable by making it easier for your air conditioner and furnace to keep the temperature constant and consistent. Whether you’re starting a new construction or retrofitting your home, the crew at Home Insulation Contractors, Inc. are committed to helping you find just the right insulation you need for your project at just the right price.
For your convenience, Home Insulation Contractors does sell insulation to the public at our Tangent warehouse.
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