Welcome to Home Insulation Contractors Inc

Home Insulation Contractors Incorporated began business in 1969, with the goal of customers being #1. No job is too small or too large. Home Insulation Contractors provides and installs insulation for homeowners and commercial contractors. We supply our customers with products manufactured by John Mansville, Optima and Foamular.

For new structures, we offer fiberglass batts or the BIB'S (Blow-in-Blanket Systems with Optima insulation) System. BIB'S gives your building a customer design and a seamless blanket that completely fills any void, is thermally efficient and reduces sound. Our newest product is BIBHP - blow in blanket hp - which is a closed cell spray polyurethane foam. We also blow in fiberglass insulation into walls and ceilings. Insulating floors is extremely important for warm homes too. For existing structures, we offer an upgrade to make your home or office more energy efficient.

Why is insulation important?

As energy cost continue to rise, it has become evident that we must look for better solutions to keep energy costs down. At Home Insulation Contractors, we strive to do this daily. There are programs available to make it more cost effective for homeowners to weatherize their homes. Please feel free to call us about these programs.

For your convenience, Home Insulation Contractors does sell insulation to the public at our Tangent warehouse.